Utter lunacy? ‘Moonmoon’ naming proposal for moons of moons proves divisive

Astronomers think it’s possible that moons can have their own mini-moon – but the scientific suggestion that they should be called ‘moonmoons’ is not going down well among those with a more poetic inclination. READ MORE: NASA administrator shows off historic spaceship…made of Lego The term ‘moonmoons’ started with astrophysicist Duncan Forgan, reports ScienceAlert, who […]

‘Put this lunacy in check’: Trump’s fiery tweet sparks swift backlash

Drew Angerer/Getty Images President Donald Trump’s fiery tweet in which he touted a “bigger & more powerful” nuclear button prompted swift backlash from national-security experts, lawmakers, and former government officials on Tuesday night. Critics said Trump’s remarks were juvenile, and others called for his resignation. President Donald Trump’s tweet in which he rhetorically touted a […]