Piers Morgan EXPOSES Left’s anti-Trump hypocrisy saying Obama deported 3 MILLION

Piers Morgan snapped at Labour frontbencher Emily Thornberry as the pair clashed over the difference between Barack Obama’s immigration policy and Donald Trump’s. Mrs Thornberry, like many other Labour politicians, including leader Jeremy Corbyn, has objected to the US President’s state visit and openly attacked Mr Trump.  Mr Morgan claimed that despite her objections to […]

Why the left’s favorite media outlets are suddenly hiring conservatives

Paul Morigi/Getty Images MSNBC announced Monday that it has hired George F. Will as a contributor, adding yet another conservative talker to its rapidly expanding roster of them. Two weeks ago, the cable news network gave former George W. Bush adviser Nicolle Wallace a 4 p.m. show. Former Fox News star Greta Van Susteren took […]