Piers Morgan points out huge irony in BBC axing free TV licence for over 75s

Piers Morgan accused the BBC of “total cowardice” during a debate on the axing of free TV licences for over-75s. The TV host labelled the ban “ironic”, claiming if pensioners did go to prison, they would “get television for free”. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Piers pointed out: “The irony being, if they did go […]

Oh, the irony: Crypto enables same Ponzi-like behavior it promised to fix

GUEST: The creation and rise of cryptocurrencies can be tied directly to the 2008 financial crisis. Released in 2009, Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology was viewed, and marketed, as a way to stabilize the rampant culture of speculation that plagued Wall Street, particularly with derivative and bundled offerings. But what has taken hold in […]

AI that detects sarcasm and irony? Perfect 🙄

Increasingly, companies are turning to artificial intelligence to understand what people say about their products and services on Twitter or Facebook. The goal is to react more quickly to complainers and perhaps sell more stuff to happy customers. But with sarcasm, there is a big gap between what people say and what they mean. And, […]