‘Climax’ Trailer: Director Gaspar Noé is Back with a Hypnotic Fever Dream

Provocateur director Gaspar Noé has built his career on scandalous movies like I Stand Alone, Enter the Void, Irreversible, and Love. Now he’s back with Climax, a trippy drama about a group of dancers who drink spiked sangria, and some critics are calling it his best movie yet. Sofia Boutella (Kingsman: The Secret Service, The […]

People sometimes unwillingly go into hypnotic trance states — here’s how you can learn to use them for good

Aarón Blanco Tejedor / Unsplash Most of us experience trance states to some extent. These can range from zoning out when someone is yelling at you, to running on adrenaline when you have an accident. Trance states are a form of dissociating, which can be beneficial. But you don’t want to use it as a […]

Hypnotic suggestion prevents action, not recognition

Enlarge / You’re feeling sleeeeeeepy… (credit: Sim Dawdler) The brain is a strange thing, and hypnosis may be one of the weirdest brain phenomena around. Some dude waves a watch at you and tells you there is an elephant in the room. Voila, your brain invents an elephant, acts out the elephant’s behavior, and the rest […]

See Lucy, Shelly, a Sinister Camera, and a Chihuahua in Hypnotic ‘Twin Peaks’ Trailer

The longest trailer for Showtime’s Twin Peaks revival, with the most new footage yet, has been released — and still, it’s just a one-minute teaser of fragmented shots of characters, intercut with blackouts. But while this cryptic display of narrative smithereens may puzzle you at first, this thing is beguiling; I’ve watched it about 10 times over, and […]