Microsoft unveils HoloLens 2: twice the field of view, eye tracking

Enlarge / Microsoft HoloLens 2. (credit: Microsoft) As expected, Microsoft today launched HoloLens 2, the company’s second generation augmented reality (AR) headset. The new hardware addresses what were probably the two biggest issues with the first generation device: the narrow field of view, and the comfort when wearing the device. Microsoft says that the field […]

HoloLens adds mixed reality to a Japanese national treasure

One of the best ways to give centuries-old artifacts a modern touch is mixed reality. The technology allows you to add interesting elements to any object without actually touching or altering it in any way. Microsoft, for instance, has helped Tokyo-based mixed reality lab hakuhodo-VRAR turn a Japanese national artwork from the 1600s into an […]

Microsoft HoloLens is now certified protective eyewear

Microsoft first launched HoloLens in 2015 as a gaming-centric consumer product, but so far, very few folks have so much as picked up a Minecraft block with the $ 3,000 device. Microsoft isn’t complaining, though. HoloLens has been a big success with businesses, allowing designers to visualize digital changes on real-life objects and helping employees […]

Ubisoft teases two AR HoloLens game protoypes at Unite Europe

During a talk at Unite Europe 2017 Ubisoft showed off two previously unrevealed HoloLens game prototypes: Toy Soldier and Rabbid Rockets. Whether or not these games will become full projects remains to be seen. Above: Ubisoft’s Toy Soldier is an AR HoloLens prototype game. Image Credit: UploadVR At the event┬áDavid Yue from Ubisoft led a […]

What Happened to the Amazing HoloLens Future We Were Promised?

Photo: AP Microsoft overhauled its fading corporate image nearly three years ago with that announcement of a its powerful new operating system, Windows 10. The most surprising facet of this rebranding effort was a promising augmented reality headset, HoloLens, shown off at a press conference in January 2015. When it debuted, HoloLens felt like it […]

Microsoft HoloLens becomes an AR assistant for spinal surgery

Since the HoloLens was introduced, Microsoft has pitched it as both a gaming peripheral and a practical assistant in the workplace. Professionals have already started using its augmented reality tech to help out, from building engineers donning it to visualize structural blueprints or Duke surgeons testing it during brain operations. Those were preliminary applications, but […]

Microsoft brings its HoloLens agency certification program to Europe

Microsoft has announced that it’s expanding its HoloLens Agency Readiness Partner program to Europe, almost a year after it first opened to creative agencies in North America. Though HoloLens is capable of some truly awesome and mindblowing things, a major hurdle for any company dedicating resources to the fledgling augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality […]