David Bruckner Knows He’s Taking On Something ‘Sacred’ With Hulu’s Hellraiser

Horror fans comprise one of the most passionate and dedicated fan subcultures in film, with many beloved classics hailed as untouchable masterpieces. And yet, because capitalism be capitalising, some of the greatest horror films of all time have spiraled into decades-long franchises to varying degrees of success. In the last year alone, new installments in […]

What Will Make Or Break Hulu’s Hellraiser, According To Doug Bradley

Director David Bruckner has such sights to show us. The time to taste the pleasures of hell is soon upon us as the cenobites are set to invade your television on October 5 with the upcoming release of the highly anticipated “Hellraiser” reboot. The 1987 film, adapted by Clive Barker from his novella “The Hellbound Heart,” and […]

‘Hellraiser: Judgment’ Trailer: Oh My God They Made 10 ‘Hellraiser’ Movies

It seems like every horror series dies young or lives long enough to descend into the depths of direct-to-video trash. The Hellraiser movies, which began in 1987, achieved that transition in record time and have been disappointing horror buffs for several decades now. You know a horror franchise is in trouble when it sends its characters to […]