ITV GMB: ‘Bizarre isn’t it?’ Ranvir Singh slams Labour’s John Healey over Brexit stance

“It’s a bit bizarre isn’t it?” Singh chimed in again. The presenter then went on to take Healey to task over why Jeremy Corbyn is planning on making a trip to Ghana soon. “Jeremy Corbyn has a trip to Ghana in the few weeks before Brexit,” she began. “What will he find out from Ghana, […]

Go to jail! John Healey MP gets DESTROYED by LIVID GMB guest over Grenfell Tower shame

The Labour politician squirmed after Chantal Peters, who has been kicked out of her home in a Camden tower block, blew up at the MP for the series of systematical failures exposed in the wake of the devastating Grenfell Tower inferno.  “What’s going on?” she barked. “We need answers. We’ve been put in a hotel […]

London Fire: Susanna Reid DEMANDS answers from John Healey 'Labour and YOU were warned'

Both the Conservatives and Labour have been scrutinised for neglecting recommendations put forward by various coroner’s reports following similar blazes in London and Southampton, which could have saved dozens of lives yesterday. Since the Grenfell Tower in west London became encased in a raging inferno, flammable cladding has been blamed for the rapid spread of […]

Album reviews: Lowly, Rip It Up, Una Healey and more

CD OF THE WEEK Lowly Heba (Bella Union) Lowly’s sound is defined by duel lead singers Nanna Schannong and Soffie Viemose whose delicate but agile voices dip and swoop across witty and minimal electronic soundscapes. Recent single Deer Eyes is meltingly beautiful, a mood of gently brooding menace opening up into a glorious, Kate Bush-like […]