Photoshop uses AI to make selecting people less of a hassle

Masking a human or other subject out of a scene is a pretty common trick nowadays, but it’s is still arguably one of the hardest and lowest-tech parts of Photoshop. Adobe’s about to make that a lot easier, thanks to an upcoming AI-powered feature called Select Subject. Using it is pretty much idiot-proof: From the […]

‘Pay With Google’ makes shopping on Android less of a hassle

As promised, Google is streamlining online purchases made through Android devices by rolling out Pay with Google. The feature lets you use any of the credit or debit cards you’ve previously logged on the web titan’s products (like Chrome, Android Pay, YouTube, or Google Play) to checkout in just a few clicks — verifying your […]

The Z Grills Elite 900 offers wood-fire flavor without all the hassle

Modern grills today come in a variety of fuel options. Traditionalists who grew up with charcoal still advocate its use. Others prefer the convenience and simplicity of using propane. However, when it comes to flavor, there is no denying the wonder of a wood fire grill. Wood pellets offer much more complex flavors, but they […]