The Grand Tour: Jeremy Clarkson destroys fence in unaired stunt clip ‘What a massive t***’

Just one episode of The Grand Tour’s fourth season has aired so far after the trio’s trip to Russia was cancelled amid the continuing coronavirus pandemic.  In episode one, Seamen, Jeremy, James and Richard race across the Mekong Delta in Vietnam using three different boats with mixed results.  Fans are eagerly awaiting the car-obsessed cohort […]

400+ caravan migrants detained after crossing border fence in Texas

Hundreds of migrants from a Central American “caravan” turned themselves in to the US Border Patrol in El Paso, Texas. They hope to still get asylum in the US, due to to a court challenge to President Donald Trump’s new policy. Groups of migrants, including families, showed up at an opening in the border fence […]

Wall or fence? First completed section of Trump’s border wall unveiled in California (PHOTOS)

After a series of political battles, the first completed section of President Donald Trump’s border wall has been unveiled. But people are still arguing over whether it’s a wall or a fence. The two-and-a-half-mile-long, 30-foot-tall barrier was built over eight months and unveiled by US Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen at a ceremony in […]

Israeli jets pound Gaza target after ‘border fence breach & arson attempt’

The Israel Defense Forces have struck a ‘Hamas target’ in the Gaza Strip, in retaliation for a border breach and an infiltration attempt by four Palestinians into Israel, the IDF has said. According to an IDF statement, the Israeli Air Force targeted a military compound in Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, after Palestinians armed […]

Secret Service catches 'Pikachu' trying to jump White House fence

Published time: 19 Oct, 2017 19:04 A man dressed as the Pokemon character Pikachu was arrested after trying to get onto the White House grounds, the US Secret Service has said. Curtis Combs, 36, of Somerset, Kentucky, jumped over the concrete barrier on the southern side of the president’s residence while wearing a Pikachu costume […]

Anti-prostitute fence for school costs Berlin €57k

Published time: 23 Aug, 2017 17:25 A school in Berlin has completed construction of a 1.8-meter high, 125 meter-long fence designed to keep prostitutes away from school grounds. It cost the city €57,000. Berlin’s construction boom is pushing street sex-workers into the side street, and in this case, onto the doorstep of the Französisches Gymnasium […]

Bulgarian activists erect border fence to deter Turkish ‘election provocations’

Bulgarian volunteers have begun erecting a fence on the country’s border with Turkey without authorization from the government to “prevent Turkish provocations” during elections, RIA Novosti reports. “The situation on the border is difficult and to prevent provocations from Turkey, our volunteers began erecting a four-meter fence. We have set up around 11 km from […]

White House intruder arrested after scaling security fence – reports

Published time: 11 Mar, 2017 16:45 The US Secret Service says one person is under arrest after climbing a fence and entering the south grounds of the White House, AP reports. The breach reportedly took place shortly before midnight on Friday while President Donald Trump was in residence. A backpack being carried by the intruder, […]

Hungary builds new high-tech border fence — with few migrants in sight

Thomson Reuters GARA, Hungary (Reuters) – A daunting new barrier is beginning to loom over Hungary’s southern border, capable of delivering electric shocks to unwanted migrants and armed with heat sensors, cameras, and loudspeakers that blare in several languages. The country was a main crossing point for hundreds of thousands of people trekking into Europe […]