Tucker Carlson Reacts to Exit of Top Writer Who Authored Racist and Sexist Posts: ‘We Don’t Endorse Those Words’

RELATED STORIES Tucker Carlson on Monday night shared his thoughts on the resignation of Blake Neff, his Fox News program’s top writer, who was revealed to have penned racist and sexist messages using a pseudonym. “What Blake wrote anonymously was wrong,” Carlson said towards the end of the hour on Monday. “We don’t endorse those […]

Trump won't endorse G7 joint statement, attacks 'weak & dishonest' Trudeau

Hours after the G7 summit, US President Donald Trump is attacking Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau again for “false statements,” and he is refusing to endorse the summit’s communique that called for reducing tariff barriers. On Saturday, Trump lapsed into his pre-summit rhetoric again, calling Trudeau “dishonest and week” in a fresh series of angry […]

Trump says the US won’t endorse the G7 joint statement, calls Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau ‘dishonest & weak’

Associated Press/Evan Vucci President Donald Trump on Saturday tweeted the US won’t endorse the joint statement from the Group of Seven summit, and threatened auto tariffs. He rebuked Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for being “dishonest & weak” and making “false statements.” President Donald Trump on Saturday tweeted that he would not endorse the joint […]

So many people want Stephen King to endorse their books he’s built a pile he calls ‘the guilt table’

Larry French/Getty Images Stephen King is a force. The award-winning author has written dozens of books and short stories, including those that have been adapted into films such as “The Dark Tower.” In his 2010 memoir, “On Writing,” he shared advice for aspiring authors. Everyone wants King’s voice on their side — or, more accurately, […]

Our swastika anchor doesn’t endorse Nazism – Canadian mayor (VIDEO)

Published time: 24 Aug, 2017 12:19 The existence of a swastika emblazoned anchor in a public park is being defended by a Canadian mayor, after an activist tried to erase the symbols. The local government of Pointe-des-Cascades, Quebec, has denied the artefact in Parc des Ancres promotes hate and explained how the anchor dates back […]

Ann Coulter shreds Sean Hannity: ‘He would endorse communism’ if Trump did

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Conservative provocateur Ann Coulter slammed Sean Hannity in a blistering column on Wednesday, saying the Fox News commentator “would endorse communism” if Donald Trump did. “Sean Hannity, bless his heart, has the zeal of the late Trump convert,” Coulter wrote in the column on her website. “He would endorse communism if […]

House lawmakers endorse reusable rockets for military purposes

Enlarge / SpaceX launched its first military payload on May 1. Now the US House of Representatives said the military should consider reusable rockets. (credit: SpaceX) The US Congress has begun the “markup” process to consider budget appropriations for fiscal year 2018, and on Thursday, the House subcommittee overseeing Strategic Forces held a hearing for […]

Swiss endorse gradual nuclear phase-out – preliminary referendum results

Most Swiss citizens have voted in favor of a new energy law that would envisage a ban on building new nuclear power plants, a gradual switch to renewable energy sources and reduced energy consumption, preliminary results show. The revision of the Swiss Energy Act was supported by more than 58 percent of the Swiss people […]