Plantronics’ updated headphone lineup includes true wireless earbuds

Plantronics has lately made a point of delivering solid wireless audio for relatively little cost, and that’s particularly evident this year. It’s releasing a refreshed headphone lineup that sees it both push into uncharted territory and lower prices. The centerpiece for the fitness crowd is the BackBeat Fit 3100 you see above. It promises true […]

RHA’s high-end planar magnetic earbuds sound incredible

Planar magnetic headphones don’t use the magnet-and-coil driver typical to most cans. Instead, they use a fixed but flexible diaphragm that undulates to create sound. RHA is the first company to concentrate this technology into wireless earbuds (the kind that are tethered to a Bluetooth collar that hands around your neck). The CL2 Planar earphones […]

Assistive hearing is the next big thing for wireless earbuds

The number of companies that sell true wireless earbuds has exploded in the last year. B&O, Bose, Sony and Samsung all joined the craze Bragi started back in 2014. Thanks to a bill signed into law last year, some hearing aids and assistive audio devices will be available over-the-counter without the need for a prescription. […]

These are the best Bluetooth earbuds you can buy for under $30

The Insider Picks team writes about stuff we think you’ll like. Business Insider has affiliate partnerships, so we get a share of the revenue from your purchase. instagram / @symphonizedaudioWhen Symphonized Audio sent me a pair of their NRG Wireless earbuds I had slightly tempered expectations.  Quality isn’t necessary synonymous with a a product’s price […]

Vava’s Moov 14 gaming earbuds pound your noggin with thumping bass

For around $ 25, you can find an endless number of earbuds online. But Vava, a manufacturer of variety of consumer-electronics products, is aiming to win over the gaming audience with its entrance into this sector. The company’s Moov 14 Gaming Earbuds are available now for $ 26, and it’s positioning them with a focus […]

Audeze makes $2,495 earbuds only an audiophile could love

Audeze built a reputation on really good (and more portable) planar magnetic headphones. Back in September the company debuted its first in-ear model: the iSine. Despite looking somewhat like a mini TIE fighter, those bulkier earbuds do a solid job of improving sound quality for people who prefer that fit to an on-ear or over-ear […]