Trump admin. approves seismic tests for Atlantic offshore oil drilling

Enlarge / Humpback whales (credit: NOAA) On Friday, the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS) approved a plan to make it legal for five companies to conduct seismic testing off the Atlantic coast, in an area stretching from Delaware to Florida. The seismic testing is an initial step toward leasing federal offshore waters to oil companies that […]

New Jersey wants to know why Florida is exempt from Trump’s offshore drilling plans

Enlarge / Oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico. There are nearly 5,000 functioning oil platforms in the Gulf of Mexico and 27,000 abandoned wells. (credit: Dave Walsh/VW Pics/UIG via Getty Images) This week, New Jersey’s attorney general sued the US Department of the Interior (DOI) for failing to comply with a Freedom of Information […]

US and Japanese warships are drilling in the South China Sea in a show of force in China’s backyard

Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kaila V. Peter/U.S. Navy/Handout The US Navy’s Ronald Reagan Strike Group conducted drills in the South China Sea Friday with the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force’s Escort Flotilla 4 Battle Group, which is led by the Kaga, a helicopter destroyer. The drills followed US Air Force B-52 Stratofortress heavy long-range bomber […]

Offshore drilling could be poised for a comeback

Essam Al-Sudani/Reuters Oil prices seemed to have found a floor, and are poised to come back. The Asia-Pacific region looks especially attractive.  Geopolitical risk bearing down on global oil markets is increasingly taking hold and weighing on oil prices as Saudi Arabia and Iran jockey for influence and position in the Middle East. These concerns escalated […]

Florida wins exemption from Trump’s offshore drilling plan

The Trump administration has given Florida a tourism exemption from the controversial plan to allow offshore drilling for oil and gas. The move is already provoking other states to seek similar exemptions. After meeting with Florida Governor Rick Scott (R) on Tuesday, US Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said he agrees with the governor’s position that […]

GOP congressman: Trump may have exempted Florida from offshore drilling because of Mar-a-Lago

Sean Rayford/Getty Images The Trump administration decided to exempt Florida from new plans to open up the US to more offshore drilling. GOP Rep. Mark Sanford of South Carolina suggested that the change was politically-motivated. Sanford also told CNN the move may be “self-serving” since Trump has properties, such as Mar-A-Lago, along the Florida coastline. […]

US plan would open oceans to offshore drilling for 'energy dominance'

Bucking a three-decades-old prohibition, the Trump administration announced it plans to expand offshore drilling leases in 90 percent of US oceans. The move is stirring strong public opposition. “We’re embarking on a new path for energy dominance in America, particularly on offshore,” Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke said Thursday as he unveiled the plan, according to […]

Drilling in Texas leads to uptick in earthquakes, as sleeping faults reawaken

In the US since 2008, an unprecedented surge in the amount of earthquakes has hit several states. Most scientists now agree the surge is being triggered by fracking, or wastewater injections being shot into deep wells for oil and gas production. A paper describing the reasons for an uptick in earthquakes occurring in states like […]

The US has an aircraft carrier drilling with South Korean ships to send a message to Kim Jong Un

Courtesy Kenneth Abbate/U.S. Navy The US has sent its Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier on a naval drill with South Korean ships to send a message to North Korea. “We are ready to defend the Republic of Korea,” Rear Admiral Marc Dalton, the commander of the Reagan strike group said. North Korea has warned that nuclear war could […]

Trump admin wants to allow seismic study of Alaska refuge for oil drilling

Enlarge / Alaska, Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, ANWR, Brooks Range across Coastal Plain. (Photo by: Education Images/UIG via Getty Images) (credit: Getty Images) The US Department of the Interior (DOI) is moving to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil exploration, which could reverse 30 years of conservation efforts in the far north […]