Subway execs confirm franchisees’ fears that more locations will close as the chain tries to reverse its downward spiral

Kate Taylor Subway executives confirmed they expect more locations to close in the coming years. In 2017, the chain’s US store count fell by 909 as it lost almost three times as many locations as the year before. Executives say that the chain hopes to emerge with fewer, stronger locations. Subway just confirmed franchisees’ fears that more locations […]

Downward Dog Cancelled at ABC

Downward Dog is headed to the TV doghouse: ABC has cancelled the canine-centered sitcom after one season. The news was confirmed by a tweet from co-creator Samm Hodges, who called the cancellation “very surprising” and insisted “we are committed to finding a new home” for the freshman series: The quirky comedy, starring Fargo alum Allison […]

DALIO: The US and UK might be facing a ‘downward spiral’

Business Insider The past 24 hours – with Jim Comey’s testimony and the UK’s snap election – are a cause for alarm to the founder of the world’s largest hedge fund. The US and UK, in effect, are becoming dysfunctional, billionaire Ray Dalio said Friday in a statement posted to his LinkedIn page. “Over the last […]

Downward Dog: Is Allison Tolman's New ABC Comedy Fetching?

Either you think that a dog spouting therapy-speak while he addresses a confessional-style camera is funny, or you don’t. If you do — and I count myself in this camp — then the premiere of ABC’s Downward Dog is a sweetly funny little belly rub of a show that premiered Wednesday (9:30/8:30c). If you don’t, then […]