Google’s museum app finds your fine art doppelgänger

If you’ve ever wondered if there’s a museum portrait somewhere that looks like you and you’re ready to have your ego crushed, there’s now an app for that. Google Arts & Culture’s latest update now lets you take a selfie, and using image recognition, finds someone in its vast art collection that most resembles you. […]

Lionel Messi’s doppelganger found in Iran (POLL & VIDEO)

Published time: 2 May, 2017 07:34 Argentine superstar Lionel Messi apparently has an Iranian body double. Reza Parastesh gets mistaken for the FC Barcelona footballer all the time, with people stopping to take selfies with him in the streets of Tehran. [embedded content] “The first time that I seriously decided to take a photo with […]

WATCH: Phil Mitchell's doppelgänger pops up during ITV's General Election coverage

Of course, Steve McFadden didn’t really appear on the ITV News broadcast, but someone who looked a lot like him did.  Whilst Paul Brand gave the latest updates on the General Election yesterday one Twitter user became distracted, choosing instead to notice the lookalike that stood behind the journalist.  They posted to their account: “Looking […]

Supergirl EP Talks True Four-Way DCTV Crossover, Nixes Doppelgänger Cameos

Supergirl won’t just be flying over to the Arrow-verse during The CW’s next mega DCTV crossover. Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg reveals that there are plans in place for the ex-CBS series to play an integral role in next season’s superhero event. RELATEDFlash/Supergirl Musical Crossover Features Duet Written by Rachel Bloom, Song From La La Land Duo […]