Surface Studio 2 has an even more amazing screen, ditches the spinning disks

Enlarge (credit: Microsoft) The original Surface Studio was one of the strangest, most eye-catching, and enjoyable-to-look-at machines we’ve used: a giant 28-inch touchscreen with a computer in its base. Today, Microsoft announced Surface Studio 2: the same concept, an even more beautiful screen, and a healthy improvement to the computer specs. The first-generation Surface Studio […]

Enterprise hard disks are faster and use more power, but are they more reliable?

(credit: Alpha six) Backblaze, the low-cost cloud backup and storage provider, has published its drive reliability numbers for the first quarter of 2017. Over most of its life, Backblaze’s focus on high density and low cost has seen the company use consumer-oriented hard drive models for its storage service, applying replication and Reed-Solomon encoding to protect […]