Judi Dench in hilarious ‘erection’ gaffe: People ‘walked off the stage in shock’

The iconic actress was speaking on The Graham Norton Show – due to air tonight – about her new film All Is True when she recalled making an error during a performance of The Merchant Of Venice. The star singled out the play as her least favourite by the Bard, and it seems she has […]

‘Artemis Fowl’ Casts Ferdia Shaw in Title Role, Judi Dench & Josh Gad Round Out Kenneth Branagh’s Cast

It’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally getting an Artemis Fowl movie. Nearly a decade after the Harry Potter-inspired children’s fantasy phenomenon breathed its last fiery breath, and on the tail end of the fading YA dystopian craze, Artemis Fowl is coming. And it has a pretty impressive cast and crew. Kenneth Branagh will be taking the helm of […]

Dame Judi Dench lets us into her special woodland in new documentary

BBC Dame Judi Dench reveals the secret woodland she has nurtured for 30 years Beyond the diamond-paned windows of her beautiful Surrey home lies Dame Judi Dench’s refuge, a place where she can laugh and cry, find solace and inspiration. This is the secret woodland she has nurtured for 30 years and kept hidden from […]

Dame Judi Dench reveals REAL reason she starred in Vin Diesel sci-fi Chronicles of Riddick

The sci-fi movie seemed a bizarre move for the iconic British star, who doesn’t usually make appearances in the genre. However it seems an enormous bouquet of flowers from Vin Diesel was all she needed to be persuaded. “I was doing a play at the Haymarket Theatre in London and I didn’t know that Vin […]

James Bond: Judi Dench SPEAKS OUT on Daniel Craig’s nerves and her reaction to his casting

Rumours a plenty have been flying around on what’s next in store for the 25th official James Bond film. Over the weekend one sprouted claiming that Craig has signed on, with Adele set to sing the theme song for the second time. Whether the 49-year-old star does return or not, the time will eventually come […]

Judi Dench back as Queen Victoria: Heartbreaking relationship with a young Indian servant

Dame Judi will be dusting off her crown and formidable stares to do what she does best – another royal role. This time she is reprising her Queen Victoria performance which the Oscar-winning star first undertook 20 years ago in 1997’s Mrs Brown. It is impossible not to crack a little when Dame Judi cries: […]