Meet Evan Corcoran — Trump’s most recent lawyer who previously represented Steve Bannon and Jan. 6 defendants

Evan Corcoran also represents a former Capitol police officer charged in connection with January 6. Jose Luis Magana/AP Photo Evan Corcoran is one of Donald Trump's most recent legal hires. The Baltimore attorney previously represented Steve Bannon and January 6 defendants. Corcoran has since found himself embroiled in Trump's most recent drama: the Mar-a-Lago raid. […]

Like in Guantanamo? Turkey introduces court uniforms for failed coup defendants & terror suspects

Published time: 6 Aug, 2017 18:31 Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said defendants in the trials linked to last year’s failed coup as well as terrorism suspects will now have to wear a standard brownish prison uniform, following controversy in which an accused soldier wore a t-shirt saying ‘hero’ in court. The ‘hero’ T-shirt […]

Super-litigious patent holder ordered to pay defendant’s legal fees

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images) Shipping and Transit, LLC is a company that has spent more than a decade filing patent lawsuits against big businesses, public transport systems, and one-man software companies. Now for the first time, the organization has been ordered to pay the legal fees of one of the companies it sued. A federal judge has ordered (PDF) Shipping […]