PS4 Free Games UPDATE: PlayStation VR open beta and Crossplay support announced

Another PS4 free game trial will be available this week for virtual reality fans willing to test a new title. The open beta for Space Junkies is coming to the PlayStation VR tomorrow, March 20, and will be available to try out the entire weekend. The first-person shooter is a new title from Ubisoft Montpellier […]

Fortnite PS4 crossplay confirmed for Save the World Season 6

Having revealed that Fortnite crossplay would be released in full on the PS4, it looked like very good news. And coupled with the announcement from Epic Games that they would allow Fortnite players to merge their accounts, it sounded like things were lining up well for all players. And now its been confirmed that Fortnite […]

Nintendo Switch free games UPDATE: Paladins arrives on Switch eShop with crossplay

Having released as a closed early access game for the Nintendo console, it has now been announced that fans can grab the free-to-play title from the Switch eShop. Paladins initially released in early access on the Nintendo Switch on June 12, during E3 2018. And until now, players could only gain access to the game […]

PS4 news: Fortnite Switch crossplay reveal, new GTA 5 Online update

For anyone who didn’t know, there are some limitations when it comes to playing Fortnite Battle Royale. These are based on what platform you play; be it PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch or Mobile. But they’re not tied to the usual content exclusivity deals you hear about or timed bonuses. It’s all about Fortnite […]

PS4 news: Fortnite crossplay Switch reveal, PS5 release news, H1Z1 update

There’s been plenty of PS4 news this week, courtesy of E3 2018 and the Sony conference. But something that has proved controversial is connected to the release of Fortnite on Nintendo Switch. Having gone live earlier this week, it was revealed that the game will not include crossplay with the PS4. Even worse, fans who […]

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile: Wildcard talk Controller support, crossplay, microtransaction

While 2017 saw the popular PC, Xbox One and PS4 game leave early access, parent company Wildcard Properties have announced new ambitious projects. ARK Survival Evolved Mobile is coming to iOS and Android this year via Wardrum Studios, while fans can also expect the popular survival title to arrive on Nintendo Switch too. With the […]

Fortnite Mobile UPDATE: PS4 and Xbox One cross-play BOOST ahead of iOS sign up

Fortnite Mobile developer Epic Games is keen to make the Battle Royale blockbuster cross-platform between PS4 and Xbox One. With Fortnite Mobile sign ups taking place later today, Epic Games and Microsoft have given fans fresh hope of cross-platform play between the two console versions. The imminent Fortnite Mobile will be cross-platform between iOS, Android, […]

ARK Survival Evolved UPDATE: PS4 patch 1.55 and new Xbox One crossplay news

While fans have been trying out the new content this week, Studio Wildcard have finally pulled the trigger on another few big projects. Today saw a new ARK Survival Evolved update on PS4, although no patch notes have been released for it. While there are upcoming changes being made to the console version of the […]

PS4 E3 update: Bad news if you want PlayStation, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch cross-play

Sony has bad news for PS4 owners hoping for cross-play multiplayer with Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. During E3 2017 it was revealed that both Minecraft and Rocket League would feature cross-platform multiplayer between Nintendo Switch and Xbox One. Unfortunately, however, Sony doesn’t seem quite so keen to bring the PlayStation 4 into the cross-platform […]