Countryfile: ‘Come on!’ Princess Anne shuts down John Craven in hilarious Queen reveal

Princess Anne, also known as the Princess Royal, has been the ambassador of the Riding for the Disabled Association for the last 48 years, and the charity has only been in action for 50 in total. Taking part in activities to do with the association’s national championships on today’s Countryfile, John Craven was given the […]

Countryfile DRAMA: John Craven SCREAMS as he's caught up in horrifying freak attack

The Countryfile host returned to the Salisbury Plains tonight, to visit a project which hopes to reintroduce the Great bustard into British wildlife.  Bustards were hunted with hopes of extinction during the 19th century, which unsurprisingly has still had an impact on their population today.  However, John was delighted to tell viewers that the beloved […]