United Airlines put out a cookbook for anyone who wants to eat airplane food at home

Shutterstock / verzellenberg United Airlines put out a cookbook that contains more than 40 recipes created by the airline’s own executive chefs. The United “Polaris Cookbook” is currently for sale for $ 29.99 and is available at the online United Airlines shop. United Airlines is hoping to change the perception of airplane food forever with its new offering, […]

‘Elder Scrolls’ cookbook will let you explore the foods of Tamriel

You’ve fought your way through Skyrim and Oblivion, soon you can eat your way through the continent of Tamriel. Chelsea Monroe-Cassel, the author behind the official Game of Thrones and Warcraft cookbooks, is tackling the Elder Scrolls series next with a new book due in March, Destructoid reports. According to the Amazon listing, it’ll feature […]