Supercool brines on Mars may contain enough oxygen to support aerobic life

Enlarge / There’s ongoing debate over whether we’ve seen direct evidence of brines on Mars. (credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona) Atmospheric oxygen both enables complex life and is a hallmark of it. Aerobic respiration is so energetically efficient that it’s thought to have been needed for multicellularity. There is hardly any oxygen in the atmosphere surrounding […]

Russia will fight other nations’ attempts to contain its activities in global arena – prime minister

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev has said Russia will not hide behind protectionist barriers as the world becomes more turbulent and competitive. The country will fight for a dominant place in the global economic system, he added. Medvedev outlined Russia’s position concerning current international and political relations in an extensive article published in Economic Issues magazine. […]

French cops deploy tear gas & water cannons to contain fan frenzy after World Cup win (VIDEOS)

While a wave of jubilant celebrations has swept across France following Les Bleus’ FIFA World Cup victory, sporadic clashes between police and over-excited fans erupted in several cities amid the nationwide football fest. As the nation cheered the French 4-2 triumph over Croatia, some hardcore fans could not contain their excitement, somewhat spoiling the historic […]

From private investigators to a 5-hour meeting with superstar lawyer David Boies, here are the lengths Theranos went to contain The Wall Street Journal’s bombshell story

Hollis Johnson/Business Insider When Theranos learned what Wall Street Journal reporter John Carreyrou was digging into, the company went through some tremendous lengths to get ahead of the story.  In Carreyrou’s new book, “Bad Blood,” he details the legal sit-downs with superstar lawyer David Boies, and the suspected private investigators that tailed some of his […]

Bamboo pesto? Supermarket own brands contain THESE cheaper ingredients

A test of 12 own-brand standard and premium pestos – all made in Italy – found a range of additions to the sauce’s traditional four key ingredients of basil, pine nuts, parmesan and olive oil.  Which? found all of the standard pestos were made with between 42 per cent and 49 per cent basil, but […]

In Management Sim Lobotomy Corporation, Contain Monsters…Or Fail Violently

Inspired by the popular supernatural wiki SCP and movie Cabin In The Woods, Lobotomy Corporation gives you the challenging task of managing and monitoring otherworldly monsters, deep within the ever-expanding halls and rooms of your facility. Within the many floors of your corporation, fearsome “abnormalities” are kept contained, each one a mystery until you assign […]