Blood Relatives Review: A Sweet, Slightly Clumsy Vampire Dramedy [Fantastic Fest]

“Blood Relatives” is a movie with a lot of heart. And blood. Lots and lots of blood, because this is the story of a pair of vampires. But it’s also a father-daughter bonding flick; a road trip movie; and a surprisingly non-stop delivery system for Yiddish words. Written, directed by, and starring Noah Segan, “Blood Relatives” is clearly […]

A Tale Of Two Cities review: Charles Dickens delivered in a clumsy and amateurish manner

But to deliver it in such a clumsy, amateurish manner is quite another. Timothy Sheader’s production of Matthew Dunster’s adaptation is beyond pitiful. On a stage piled high with containers, the default set dressing for this theatre of late, a miscellany of refugees prance and dance, shout and scream at each other with all the […]