New ‘Anna and the Apocalypse’ Music Video Makes Being a Soldier in a Zombie War Sound Catchy

So this is how the zombie apocalypse will go down: in song. Anna and the Apocalypse, the acclaimed horror-musical-comedy that broke everyone’s brains at Fantastic Fest (in a good way), has a new music video for the song “Soldier at War,” performed by Ben Wiggins. In the new Anna and the Apocalypse music video, we see how the […]

Listen: ‘Hearts Beat Loud’ Releases the Catchy Title Track from the Charming Indie Gem

At the 2018 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, one of the breakout films was the charming father daughter dramedy Hearts Beat Loud. The film sees Nick Offerman as Frank, a widower preparing to close down his record shop and send his daughter Sam (Kiersey Clemons) off to med school across the country. In one […]

BBC's In Her Own Words had a catchy final song, what was it? THE SATURDAY BRIEFING

A: Most of the music for that documentary was specially composed by Michael Nyman, but the song played over the end credits was The Movie About Us, composed and sung by Swedish singer Eva Dahlgren. Q: While watching a football match on TV one of the commentators spoke about bending the ball. This brought to […]

Catchy to catch the boys out

DAVID Hayes has $ 1.5 million reasons why Catchy is taking on the boys in the Caulfield Guineas and not run against her own sex in the Thousand Guineas on Saturday. “One race is worth $ 500,000 and the other is $ 2 million. She took on the boys and beat them in the Blue […]

‘Sandy Wexler’ Music Video: A Catchy Song Is Wasted on an Adam Sandler Movie

Next week brings the release of Adam Sandler‘s latest original movie coming exclusively to Netflix. The film is called Sandy Wexler, and it takes place all the way back in 1994, starring Adam Sandler himself as a goober of a talent agent with a roster of peculiar clients who are from from making it big. […]

This Is Where All of Daft Punk's Impossibly Catchy Samples Come From

Have you ever found yourself listening to some classic 70s funk, rock, or disco and suddenly recognized a portion of the song you swear you’ve heard elsewhere? As YouTube’s Daftworld reveals, it was probably in a Daft Punk track, given the duo’s almost bizarrely impressive ability to turn classic samples into electro hits. Advertisement The whole […]