Pitch Perfect 3: Anna Kendrick's A cappella tested – here's why YOU should try singing NOW

I should probably start this by admitting I have never once sang professionally in my life. Sure, I’m a die-hard shower crooner, but I wouldn’t count my Adele rendition in a list of “stage experiences”. Nevertheless, there’s something quite amazing about a capella and the enormous amount of skill behind it. So when I was […]

VOTD: Harvard Honors John Williams with an A Cappella Medley of ‘Star Wars’, ‘Indiana Jones’ & More

It’s graduation season, and though we’ve already seen one spectacular musical performance as part of Will Ferrell’s outstanding commencement speech for this year’s graduates at the University of Southern California, we have a new favorite moment from this year’s round of college grads. Over at Harvard University, John Williams was given an honorary doctorate in […]

Russian biathletes sing anthem a cappella after blooper at world cup (VIDEO)

Russian athletes, who won gold at the biathlon world championships in Hochfilzen, Austria, had mixed feelings when the wrong version of the Russian anthem started playing. Taking matters into their own hands, they sang the right version a cappella. Several seconds into the song, the Russian biathlon team – Anton Shipulin, Aleksey Volkov, Maxim Tsvetkov, […]