Capcom closes Vancouver studio behind ‘Dead Rising’

Video game publisher Capcom is shutting down its Vancouver studio and around 158 employees will be let go. The company told Variety that operations were suspended Tuesday and a skeleton crew would remain on board until January in order to finalize the closure. “Capcom has been focused on increasing the efficiency and growth of its […]

Capcom NEWS: Resident Evil 2 Remake fans not happy with latest gameplay rumour

Resident Evil 2 Remake rumours have surfaced ahead of Capcom’s full reveal. A recent post on 4Chan suggests Resident Evil 2 Remake will feature an over-the-shoulder camera system similar to Resident Evil 4. And while there’s been no official confirmation from Capcom, the news hasn’t gone down well with everybody. Some fans have messaged original […]

Monster Hunter World beta update: Capcom gives PS4 owners the BEST Christmas present

The Monster Hunter World PS4 beta will return later this week, as Capcom surprises fans in time for Christmas. The second Monster Hunter World beta has been given a December 22 release date. It starts at 5pm UK time on Friday, and ends at the same time on December 26. And unlike the original Monster […]

‘Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite’ already lands its own eSports contest

The game Marvel vs. Capcom — Infinite was released on on September 19th, and it appears as though Capcom is going all out to promote it. They’re hosting an eSports tournament called Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite — Battle of the Stones, and they’re inviting you to participate. The tournament, which will be held in Anaheim […]

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite producer talks Infinity Stones, MCU, Nintendo Switch and more

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The colourful new brawler pits an array of Marvel super hero and villains against iconing Capcom characters from franchises like Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Bionic Commando and Mega Man.  But things have changed since the last game, most notably the switch from […]

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite pre-review: How Infinity Stones could MAKE or BREAK brawler

The Marvel vs Capcom Infinite September 19 release date is almost here on PS4 and Xbox One. And while it’s too early for a review, it’s clear that the success of the game hinges on how fighting fans take to the Infinity Stones system. Returning from the original Marvel Super Heroes arcade brawler, Infinity Stones […]

Superhero Bits: Young Justice Season 3, Killgrave’s Return, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite & More

How will Kilgrave return in the second season of Jessica Jones? How insane is the story for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite? What does The Defenders have on Rotten Tomatoes? Is the Captain Marvel script starting over from scratch? Which Marvel character does Stan Lee want to see get their own movie? What’s in store for […]

Spider-Man and Frank West join latest ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’ roster

Like comic books, fighting games are ripe for the crossover treatment. Nintendo has done it with good success in the Super Smash Bros. series, bringing characters from disparate franchises like Street Fighter and Fire Emblem together to brawl on the Wii U and 3DS. Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe mixed up heroes from video games […]

Superhero Bits: New Mutants Rumors, Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite Gameplay Trailer & More

What’s Lucy Liu doing on the set of the second season of Luke Cage? What’s with the awful white spider symbol on the Spider-Man PS4 suit? Will Dr. Poison return in Wonder Woman 2? Which characters can be glimpsed in DC Entertainment’s new production logo? Will Magik & Karma appear in New Mutants? All that […]