AHS: 1984 Wastes No Time Claiming Victims in Bloody, Campy Premiere

There were mullets and midriffs aplenty in Wednesday’s American Horror Story premiere, which took us back to one of the horniest (and stabbiest) eras in pop culture history. AHS: 1984‘s opening hour introduced us to doe-eyed ingenue Brooke Thompson (Emma Roberts), whose plans to study veterinary medicine over the summer were suddenly derailed after a […]

Accidental history—remastering the campy teen horror game Congress famously hated

A scene like this doesn’t exactly scream “2017 video game.” And yet… Night Trap might not seem like a game that would be especially cumbersome to port to modern consoles. Among the first in the oft-forgotten early-’90s trend of “FMV (full motion video) games,” the title was nothing more than a lightly interactive series of […]

Campy horror game ‘Night Trap’ arrives on PS4 August 11th

Do you miss the days when full-motion video was the biggest deal in games? When just seeing a known actor in a cutscene was enough to work everyone into a frenzy? You’re in luck. A couple of months later than promised, Screaming Villains and Limited Run Games have announced that Night Trap: 25th Anniversary Edition […]