MOT check – Calculate the cost of repairs and where to get the best deal using this tool

UK drivers could save themselves hundreds off the cost of necessary repairs for faults found in the MOT test by using a handy new tool. Today, the new MOT rules come into force which introduces a raft of changes and will also make it harder for diesel vehicles to pass, with stricter limits being imposed. […]

Polish MPs set up committee to calculate potential WWII reparations from Germany

Poland has set up a parliamentary investigative committee to calculate the amount of World War II reparations the country believes it’s still owed by Germany following the invasion and consequent occupation during World War II. The new committee was formed after Polish lawmakers Arkadiusz Mularczyk and Jozef Menes dug out a 1969 UN document, which […]

Secrets to staying young: How to calculate your body age and turn back the clock

GETTY Restful sleep is vital to ageing well Patrick Luckie appears to be the picture of good health, not least because there isn’t an ounce of surplus fat on his slight frame. Yet the 51-year-old NHS worker from Brentwood in Essex is proof that appearances can be deceptive and slim doesn’t automatically equal healthy because […]

Qatar to sue Arab state quartet for ‘siege’ damages, sets up new body to calculate losses

Doha is threatening to sue Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt for their ongoing blockade and has set up a special body to investigate claims and calculate the losses to the public and private sector as well as individuals. The Compensation Claims Committee will study the degree of the economic damage suffered […]

‘Do you like camping?’ FBI uses 48 questions to calculate a person’s terrorism risk

Determining whether someone will carry out a terrorist attack is a struggle for governments across the globe. However, the FBI uses a survey of 48 questions to help them decide – and one of the indicators is apparently if a person likes to go camping. The ‘Indicators of Mobilization to Violence’ survey, obtained by the […]