BBC Breakfast’s Louise Minchin in ‘terrible trouble’ after team meeting 

Dan Walker and Louise Minchin returned with their final show of the week and BBC Breakfast viewers saw them discuss a newspaper story about homeschooling. Up and down the nation, every weekday, parents are having to ensure their children attend online classes and workshops while lockdown continues. But some parents and guardians have taken home […]

Naga Munchetty rolls eyes after BBC Breakfast’s Charlie Stayt shut down: ‘Are you done?’

Earlier in the show the two were discussing today’s headlines, Naga believed Charlie had been asked to leave the Scouts when he was younger. “Were you in the Scouts?” Naga probed. “Well, yes temporarily,” he said quickly before Naga interrupted and asked, “Why only temporarily?” Charlie obviously wasn’t in the mood to talk about it […]

BBC Breakfast’s Dan Walker apologises as he dodges embarrassing blunder ‘New world record’

Taking to Twitter, Dan explained why he made the hiccup and addressed how he almost missed his stint on the show today. In view of his 613,800 followers, the presenter wrote: “Don’t shout at me… I overslept and it’s still very early. “#Anfield See you on #FootballFocus later,” he concluded, to which one fan responded […]

BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty in shock Charlie Stayt jibe: ‘That’s me put in my box!’

The presenter’s lack of knowledge became quickly evident during a segment on the Bloodhound supersonic car, which is set for its first public run. Robert Hall, who was presenting live from Newquay, and the 55-year-old’s studio companion Naga Munchetty couldn’t resist pointing out his error. Charlie had asked after the segment: “It’s fascinating. Can I […]

BBC Breakfast’s Naga Munchetty loses it mid-interview as Charlie Stayt forced to step in

Naga, 42, couldn’t hide her amusement as she reported the nearly fatal incident. “You’ve heard of fishermen’s tall tales, well how about this one,” Charlie began. “An angler from Bournemouth had to be resuscitated after accidentally swallowing a fish he’d just caught.” “This is what happened,” Naga continued, as an image of a fish flashed […]

I Tested 6 Pinterest Microwave Breakfasts And Now I'm Never Using A Stove Again

The idea: It’s a pretty simple concept, really. Mix a couple of eggs with a splash of water in a bowl, add your desired omelette toppings, and microwave for a few minutes until cooked through. Foolproof, right? Did it work: HELL YEAH IT DID. The results: So, my workmate makes scrambled microwave eggs all the […]

The healthiest breakfasts you can order at 11 fast-food chains

Flickr/atlnav If you’re on a budget and low on time, a fast-food breakfast might be your best bet every once in a while. Whether you’re headed to Burger King or Starbucks, there are usually a few healthier options to choose from. For this list, we tried to prioritize breakfasts that contain whole food ingredients like […]