Meghan Markle has ‘done the rounds’ – biographer calls actress 'cold' before royal wedding

Meghan Markle has been described as a ‘supreme networker’ by a new book dissecting the life and character of Britain’s new royal. What is more, the writer has claimed the avid charity activist has a “cold” side. Andrew Morton wrote in his new book that the LA-native delivered a “Meghan chill” to friends “she no […]

Prince Charles biographer SHUT DOWN by Susanna Reid: 'Did you even speak to him?'

The Good Morning Britain presenter demanded to know where Tom had gained information about Prince Charles for the biography as they discussed a number of the claims he made about royal. Susanna Reid left Tom squirming as she pressed him on whether or not he had contacted the prince to check if any of the […]

Princess Diana biographer Andrew Morton reveals why her death changed Royal Family FOREVER

Andrew shared his memories of writing for Diana to mark the 20th anniversary of her tragic death. Speaking on Saturday Night with Miriam on RTÉ One, Andrew told how he was shocked the first time Diana explained her eating disorders and suicide attempts in a series of cassette tape recordings. Andrew explained: “I got taken […]