What are the ways to avoid chargebacks in credit card processing?

A chargeback can affect the cash flow of a business that results in financial losses. It happens when customers request their banks to reverse a charge after making a transaction with a credit card. The chargebacks often result in disputes which impact the reputation of a store in the markets. Hence, it is necessary to […]

Top Ways to Avoid Extra Credit Card Processing Fees

Paying processing fees is not liked by any business owner especially if these extra fees can be avoided. Looking through merchant service bills and statements can take up a lot of time especially if you do not understand the credit card processing technical terms. When you accept payment from your customer through credit cards you […]

Choosing The Best Credit Card Processing For Mobile Payments

In the past people used to pay cash for buying anything. Then credit card started becoming a popular form of payment due to the ease of use. Now the payment system has become even more convenient. The invention of smartphones has made our lives super easy. Now we can do anything using then smartphone from […]