'Maybe they don’t want us that bad': Anthony Joshua promoter doubts Wilder camp's interest in fight

Eddie Hearn says that after numerous unanswered calls and emails, he is beginning to doubt Deontay Wilder’s claim that he wants to unify the four main world heavyweight titles in a blockbuster bout with Anthony Joshua. Both Joshua and Wilder’s camps have talked up the potential of a unification bout this year, though it appears […]

Danielle Rose Russell on Legacies' Mysterious Monsters: What's Their Connection to an 'Overall Big Bad'?

The Salvatore School has already faced a dragon, a gargoyle and a spider monster in Legacies‘ first four weeks on the air, but star Danielle Rose Russell promises that the wildest creatures are still to come. “You haven’t met my favorite one yet,” Russell tells TVLine, adding that it will finally rear its (presumably) ugly […]

Star Wars Episode 9 fears as director’s new film is SLATED by critics – 'deliriously bad'

Starring Naomi Watts and Jacob Tremblay, it’s a drama about how a small boy, played by Jaeden Lieberher, comes up with a plan to rescue his next-door-neighbour Christina (Maddie Ziegler). On Rotten Tomatoes, it has an eyebrow-raising score of just 25%. Vox called it “deliriously bad”, while The Telegraph questioned whether it could be “the […]