Mom Sneak Peek: Kevin Pollak Returns as Bonnie’s Ex Alvin — But How?!?

RELATED STORIES Bonnie receives a visit from the Great Beyond in Mom‘s fall finale, when Kevin Pollak‘s Alvin turns up in her living room, nearly six years after his sudden death. As longtime viewers will recall, Bonnie’s ex reentered her life late in Season 1, when Christy confronted her estranged father. Soon after Alvin and […]

David Oyelowo and ‘Moonlight’ Playwright Tarell Alvin McCraney Are Making a Disney Live-Action Musical

Usually announcements of new Disney features are something of a depressing occasion, what with the studio’s recent interest in primarily churning out lousy live-action remakes (Jungle Booknotwithstanding!) of their previous animated successes. So it’s particularly appealing to hear about Cyrano the Moor – which, yes, is an adaptation (baby steps here, people), but not of […]