Sony’s reborn Aibo robot is available for pre-order in the US

Sony’s relentlessly adorable Aibo robot is finally ready to return to American shores. After months of waiting, you can pre-order a First Litter Edition of the robo-pup in the US ahead of an expected mid-December ship date. You’ll be spending a staggering $ 2,900 to play with the limited-run mechanical canine. The kit includes everything […]

Sony Aibo first impressions: old robodog, new tricks

Sony revived its robodog series late last year, offering a limited first run of next-generation Aibos for keen Japanese fans. Despite a killer $ 1,800 price-tag, the company apparently sold plenty, and those preordered Aibos are finally on their way to their new owners. Finally, the company has brought the new robotic pet out of […]

Sony’s Aibo robot dog is back, gives us OLED puppy dog eyes

Sony Weird Sony is back, and it recently announced a new version of the Sony Aibo, everyone’s favorite robotic toy dog! Sony has been out of the plastic pooch business for about 11 years, and the 2017 version is well-equipped for the smartphone era with LTE and an app. Sadly, like seemingly every Aibo ever, […]

Sony’s new Aibo pet robot goes on sale tonight in Japan

After more than a decade away, Sony’s Aibo pet robot is making a return. The original dog-like robot launched in 1999, while Sony says its followup is “capable of forming an emotional bond with members of the household while providing them with love, affection, and the joy of nurturing and raising a companion.” Its OLED […]