ITV Good Morning Britain: India Willoughby makes BIZARRE Brexit comparison to Adolf Hitler

Former Celebrity Big Brother contestant India, 51, joined the Good Morning Britain debate with Tom Church, who revealed he was stockpiling food for Brexit in anticipation of there being problems with the food trucks at British ports. India was completely flabbergasted by her debate partner’s thought process on preparing for the worst, as she stated […]

A high-ranking Russian politician is comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler

A leading Russian politcian is comparing Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler. Alexander Sherin’s comments came after the US-led launch of missile strikes on Syria on Friday night. Russia has had military presence in Syria since 2015 and has warned there will be ‘consequences’ of the attacks.   A high-ranking Russian politician has compared US president […]

SS-GB fans in hysterics as BBC drama strays into Carry On Adolf and 'Allo 'Allo territory

In tonight’s episode, Archer (played by Sam Riley) made finding missing atomic bomb documents his main priority, frantically trying to track down the elusive Dr John Spode. However, viewers could not watch the serious drama without thinking of British comedies around the same theme. One viewer laughed: “Kind of waiting for this German commander to […]

Adolf Hitler's Telephone Sells At Auction for $243,000

On Sunday afternoon, the telephone of Nazi Germany leader Adolf Hitler was purchased at auction for $ 243,000. It’s unclear why someone would covet an item once in intimate proximity to undiluted evil. Rich tapestries, I guess. Advertisement ABC News reports that bidding began at $ 100,000. The purchase was made over the phone, according […]