Apple chip maker TSMC plans 5-nanometer chips for 2020, 3-nanometer in 2022

Apple’s chip manufacturer TSMC today broke ground on its first 5-nanometer fabrication facility in Taiwan, promising that 5-nanometer chips will be commercially available in 2020, with 3-nanometer chips planned for 2022. The tiny new processors will guarantee that future smartphones continue to shrink while offering superior performance and battery life to today’s models. First shown in […]

IBM Research creates a groundbreaking 5-nanometer chip

IBM Research and its partners GlobalFoundries and Samsung have created transistors for a 5-nanometer semiconductor chip. It’s a remarkable technical achievement, though a commercial version of the chip may not be possible for a while. Still, it should enable chips with 30 billion transistors, the on-off switches of electronic devices, on a fingernail-sized chip. Researchers […]