Family of 29-year-old chef Fatima Ali share a final goodbye message on her Instagram page following her death

Getty Images/Bravo Fatima Ali, known as Chef Fati, died on January 25 following a diagnosis of bone cancer in 2017.  The 29-year-old chef was voted a “fan favorite” contestant on Bravo’s “Top Chef” competition.  Ali’s family shared a photo collage on her Instagram page along with a statement to her followers. They thanked everyone for […]

The incredible career of Hope Hicks, the 29-year-old former model in Trump’s inner circle who has become a pivotal part of the Russia investigation

Carlo Allegri/Reuters • Hope Hicks is the youngest ever White House communications director. • Before she entered the world of politics, some of her pursuits included modeling and lacrosse. • She got her start promoting Ivanka Trump’s fashion brand, before earning Donald Trump’s trust and becoming a part of his inner circle. Hope Hicks is […]

29-year-old CEO of liquor delivery platform shares his advice for aspiring entrepreneurs

Maxim Razmakhin Maxim Razmakhin has always been an entrepreneurial spirit. When he was in college, he sold milkshakes out of his dorm room. “It was sort of like a substitute for coffee,” Razmakhin said. “It stimulated brain power and helped people cram for those big exams.” He ended up making a couple thousand bucks from the endeavor.  […]

29-year-old punter who’s walking away from $3 million to join Barstool Sports says he had to Google how to retire from the NFL

R Brent Smith/AP Indianapolis Colts punter Pat McAfee announced on Thursday that he’s retiring from the NFL to pursue an unlikely second job — he’s joining Barstool Sports. The 29-year-old said in a Twitter announcement that because he’s facing a third knee surgery in four years, with more to come, he decided to take Barstool […]

A 29-year-old tech founder named to the Forbes ’30 Under 30′ list shares his best entrepreneurship advice

Eugene Marinelli has a resume that many Silicon Valley hopefuls would envy.  The recent inductee to Forbes’ 30 under 30 finance list has two degrees in computer science, and he interned for the engineering departments at Apple and Google. After his internships Marinelli landed a job on the finance engineering team at Palantir, the big data company founded by billionaire Peter Thiel.  “While […]