SNL Video: Elizabeth Warren Explains Medicare for All, Zings Biden and Beto

Elizabeth Warren brought her plan for universal health care to Saturday Night Live this week.

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The Democratic presidential candidate (played by Kate McKinnon) kicked off the cold open at an Iowa rally, aka her “natural habitat” of “a public school on a weekend.” She began by pouring one out for Beto O’Rourke, who announced this week that he was dropping out of the presidential race. After thanking him for sticking around long enough to call her “punitive,” Warren dropped this zinger: “Let me know how my dust tastes, all right?”

Warren also fielded questions from the crowd, including plenty of confused queries about her Medicare for All plan. Bernie Sanders’ plan was cool, but people turned to her to fix it, she noted, and she’ll do just that because “that’s what moms do.” While dads let a child eat cake and then go to Six Flags, moms let the kid throw up in their purse.

Then asked how her plan compares to Joe Biden’s, Warren replied that hers “compares favorably in that it exists,” before explaining her three-step approach to paying for Medicare for All. (Step 2 is dubbed “Amazon Creep” and entails CEO Jeff Bezos going from “paying no tax to a tax,” because much like Amazon Prime, if you want to reap the benefits, you gotta pay an annual fee.)

Finally, Warren gave some advice to a woman stuck in a bad relationship… with her current health care provider: “One day, Blue Cross Blue Shield is gonna text you from the club, saying, ‘Baby, I miss you,’ and you’re gonna say, ‘New phone, who dis?’”

What did you think of SNL‘s latest cold open? Press PLAY above to watch it, then check back Sunday morning for a complete recap of the episode.

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