Salt Fat Acid Heat on Netflix: Viewers go CRAZY for Samin Nosrat's focaccia recipe

Nosrat’s focaccia recipe from episode one of the Netflix series has sent viewers wild after she went to Liguria in Northern Italy to look at the properties of olive oil, pork, fat and cheese, discovering how they enhance the flavour of food. As part of the episode, Nosrat whipped up some Ligurian focaccia in a kitchen as she was given instructions by an Italian expert called Diego Bedin. After baking the bread, she was seen chowing down the focaccia with delight – and it wasn’t just her who was enjoying the food.

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Many viewers took to social media to hail her for the recipe with one person posting on Twitter:” What I do know is:

Samin Nosrat is cute. I love how she loves food. I want to wake up at least once to the smell of freshly baked olive oil covered focaccia [sic].”

While a second person wrote: “I’m attempting samin nosrat’s focaccia recipe for my family’s thanksgiving!!! i dont have 12-14 hours to rest the dough so we will see how it turns out [sic].”

“After hearing a recommendation for #saltfatacidheat on @wync earlier, I watched the 1st ep tonight. Watching Samin Nosrat discuss/enjoy food is a soothing and delightful experience. I now want to run away to Italy and eat all the focaccia [sic],” a third person.

A fourth tweeted: “Finished Salt Fat Acid Heat and now all I want to do is bake focaccia and make pesto in a mortor and whisper encouragingly to soy sauce as it’s brewing. Samin Nosrat is an actual angel and such a welcome, comforting respite from the braggadocious food bros [sic].”

Netflix dropped Salt Fat Acid Heat on October 19 with all four episodes dropping on the streaming service in one go.

Salt Fat Acid Heat is based on writer and cook Samin Nosrat’s best-selling book Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat: Mastering the Elements of Good Cooking from 2017.

During the course of the series, Nosrat has travelled across the world to find these key elements which make food taste amazing as well making her own dishes from what she’s learnt during her travels.

Each episode of the Netflix cooking series focuses on a different element from the title of the book with the opening instalment featuring focaccia concentrating on the importance of fat.

Since the show dropped, Nosrat has had a hugely positive reception from viewers across the world, leading her to share some of the recipes from the show online.

She has now made her focaccia recipe available on her site so that viewers could replicate the delicious and crunchy bread for themselves.

Nosrat told Vogue: “I was hoping it could be something where people can pick up a few tips, or want to start cooking. That’s definitely happening.”

The cook added: “People have been emailing me asking for the recipes, which apparently they’re already cooking just from watching—that’s pretty amazing.”

Other places Nosrat lists during the course of the show includes Japan, Mexico and the US.

Speaking about how her book was turned into a TV show, the American-Iranian cook explained: “I taught my first cooking class in 2007, and I remember coming back from that and telling some of my chef colleagues, ‘This is really inefficient.’

“Teaching 12 people how to cook at one time— wouldn’t it be so much better if we had a show?”

She later went on to feature in an episode of Michael Pollan’s show Cooked several years ago. During filming Nosrat spoke with the director Caroline Suh and the wheels were slowly set in motion.

After the success of Pollan’s own Netflix series, work started on Nosrat’s series with the chef remarking: “From day one, it was like love at first sight with Netflix.”

Suh went on to shoot Nosrat’s programme and worked closely with her on the Salt Fat Acid Heat.

Salt Fat Acid Heat is available to watch on Netflix now

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