‘Rick and Morty’ is Crossing Over with ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ While We Wait for Season 4

Rick and Morty Dungeons and Dragons Comic

Right now, Rick and Morty fans are patiently waiting for contract negotiations to get sorted out between Adult Swim and series creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland so a fourth season of the show can move forward. Thankfully, there will be a little something to help hold them over this summer.

Rick and Morty is crossing over with the fantasy world of Dungeons and Dragons in a new four-issue comic book series from IDW Publishing debuting in August. Find out more about the Rick and Morty Dungeons and Dragons comic crossover below.

The crossover comic taking Adult Swim’s cosmos traversing duo to the world of Dungeons and Dragons was announced at Chicago’s C2E2 convention last weekend. Writers Patrick Rothfuss (The Kingkiller Chronicles) and Jim Zub (The Avengers, Wayward) are behind the comic, along with with Eisner-nominated artist Troy Little (Hunter S. Thompson’s Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas), which should make the proceeding as wild and trippy as they need to be.

The four-issue comic will find Morty going to his grandpa Rick to learn as much as he can about Dungeons and Dragons, which all the cool kids at his school are playing. Of course, what should be a quick crash course in the role-playing game turns into an insane, epic quest that goes horribly wrong and has plenty of belching and swearing. Here’s the first cover:

Rick and Morty Dungeons and Dragons Comic

Here’s what Rothfuss had to say about the comic crossover:

I love Rick and Morty with a powerful love, and I’ve played D&D since the 5th grade. So when they approached me about writing a story with both of them together? That’s some serious you-got-chocolate-in-my-peanut butter $ #!& right there. I’m in. I’m all the way in. I’m gettin’ that chocolate all up in the peanut butter. Like, deep in. All the way in. It’s going to be sticky and delicious.”

Meanwhile, Zub is excited about what kind of quest they’re sending Rick and Morty on:

“The Dungeons & Dragons crew is letting Pat and I open a Pandora’s Box of insane adventure material and iconic creatures from the granddaddy of all tabletop role-playing games. I wish I could say we’ll take good care of it, but, the simple truth is, this is Rick and Morty we’re talking about. No fantasy world or otherworldly plane of existence is safe.”

Rick and Morty already has a comic series of its own, but I’ve yet to check it out. However, I’ve heard it has the same outrageous comedy and adventures that make the animated series so great. Maybe this crossover will finally get me to give it a shot.

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