Property news: How to winter-proof your home – avoid SHOCK bills with this guide

With many of us edging towards turning on the central heating switch, ensuring a property is running as efficiently as possible is vital.

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And, with the opportunity to invest in long-term solutions as well as practical quick-fixes, there’s no reason why you can’t winter-proof your home.

Service the boiler

The worst time for a boiler to break down is during the winter’s harsh weather – and with many people relying on their central heating systems during the colder season, it’s important landlords and homeowners ensure they have booked in their home for an annual service.

Not only will it be in your interests for the long-term, but this yearly check by a Gas Safe Registered Engineer is a legal requirement for landlords.

Visit to find someone suitable to carry out the work in your area.

Bleed the radiators

While cranking up the central heating can seem like a sure-fire way to warm up, it could be less effective if your radiators need bleeding.

This may not necessarily fall under the job description of a landlord, it is something which could affect your property, so it may be worth contacting your tenant to see if you can carry out the process.

Install insulation

While the cost of heating a property won’t usually fall under the landlord’s responsibility, it can often be worth investing in additional insulation for the dwelling.

As of April 1, 2018, landlords have a legal obligation to meet new minimum energy efficiency standards – so you may need to up your insulation in order to stay on the right side of the law.

Remove mould

Mould is not only unsightly, but it can also impact on the health of a person living in a property.

In the wintertime, damp and mould will typically worsen.

That’s because rooms are more likely to be heated with poor ventilation, and wet clothes may be placed on radiators in order to be dried.

Once you’ve got rid of existing patched of mould, make sure any tenants you may have are aware about how to reduce the possibility of damp and condensation forming indoors.

Unblock gutters

With autumn promising no shortage of falling leaves, gutters can soon will up with debris and foliage.

If gutters aren’t draining properly, a property could soon see some serious issues – such as rot and penetrating damp, not to mention damage to the foundations.

It’s worth checking gutters are secured properly too, and advise your tenants on the importance of keeping them clear.

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