Project Runway All Stars Recap: Which Designer Failed to Weather the Storm?

Mother Nature made an unofficial guest appearance on Wednesday’s Project Runway All Stars, luring the half-dozen remaining designers into a battle against the elements.

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This week’s climate change-themed episode challenged the season’s top six contestants to “design transformational resort wear, a look that transitions from one type of weather condition to another all in the same resort.”

Let’s start with the winner: The judges were “crazy” about Michelle Lesniak’s windy-to-rainy jumpsuit, whose overlay skirt snaps off and converts into a raincoat. Not only did the panel praise Michelle for her inventiveness, but it commended her “genius” fabric blending. In fact, the judges were so enamored with Michelle’s look, they could only find fault in the shoes she chose to pair it with.

Kudos also go to Irina Shabayeva, whose “brilliant” thunder-to-windy ensemble — featuring pants made with water-resistant silk, as well as a kaftan that converts into a windbreaker — landed her in second place.

As for Dmitry Sholokhov’s hot-to-snowy two-piece (which he believed to be the “hardest one”) and Anthony Ryan Auld’s snowy-to-sunny jumpsuit (which Alyssa Milano called a “couture snuggy”), the judges were completely split down the middle. In fact, the only thing the panel could agree on was that both designers need to step up their game.

Now for this week’s bottom two: Evan Biddell’s sunny-to-rainy jumpsuit left the judges “confused,” with Alyssa going so far as to call it “junior.” But it didn’t catch quite as much ire as Christina Exie‘s “dull and inexpensive” sunny-to-windy swimsuit. Not only did the judges find it far too generic, but they determined that her concept was “not thought through.”

“I’m really glad that I’ve been able to be a part of Project Runway All Stars, to come to the U.S. and do this,” Christina said on her way out. “I just wish that I’d pushed myself more. That’s all. I’ve got a lot to figure out. What direction do I want to head in? I guess that’s my next chapter. It’s a blank piece of paper from here.”

Your thoughts on Christina’s elimination? The other designers’ standings? Whatever’s on your mind, drop it in a comment below.

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