Princess Eugenie wedding: Is royal copying Meghan Markle with this standout beauty look?

Princess Eugenie, 28, is getting married in one month’s time at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.

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Details of the wedding still remain pretty hush hush, especially when it comes down to what the bride will look like.

The only thing confirmed so far is that Eugenie’s dress is being created by a British designer, following in the footsteps of both Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton.

One thing that Eugenie might also copy is Meghan’s standout beauty look from the Royal Wedding.

For her wedding to Prince Harry in May, Meghan opted for minimal makeup with all attention on her long, luscious eyelashes.

But those lashes weren’t the Duchess’ real lashes, they were, in fact, eyelash extensions.

Hanna Putjato – founder of London Lash – predicts that Eugenie will also sport the same stunning look for her nuptials.

Talking to the, Hanna said: “The best eyelash look for Princess Eugenie is Squirrel (or Kitten) effect. This elegant style will enhance her eyes making them even more beautiful.

“We would also recommend using stronger curl under the eyebrow arch to open and lift her eyes.

“The best type of lashes to use for Princess Eugenie will be Russian Volume in 2-3D.”

These lashes can cost as much as £175 for a full set and will give Eugenie the appearance of wearing mascara, but without the effort or having to worry about her makeup.

Another thing Eugenie may copy from previous brides in the family is having her hair in an up-do

She may, in fact, take wedding hair inspiration from Meghan and Pippa Middleton on the big day, according to an expert

Both Pippa and Meghan wore their hair up on their wedding days, and Matthew Soobroy, Principal Stylist at Charles Worthington Salons, speculated that Eugenie will do the same thing.

He told “Princess Eugenie usually chooses traditional hairstyles, particularly above the shoulder, mid- length hair with soft curls.

“I think that Eugenie will keep her hairstyle looking classic and traditional for her wedding day in October.

“Eugenie looks beautiful with her hair up, perhaps in a Hepburn-inspired chignon bun, kept soft around the face with a loose parting and a few tresses of hair out of the bun.”

While Eugenie’s wedding look will be kept secret until the begins her journey to the chapel on October 12, we do know that her wedding dress is being created by a British designer.

Appearing on the cover of British Vogue, Eugenie finally spilled some details of her wedding, including the fact that she had found her wedding dress.

The princess revealed that she knew the look she wanted “straight away”, and the dress was the one thing she was “really decisive” about.

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