Piers Morgan launches epic RANT at ‘squealing Remoaners’ – ‘we’ve not enacted last vote!’

Good Morning Britain hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid welcomed Nicola Sturgeon onto the show today to talk about the upcoming General Election and the latest Brexit news. Sturgeon insisted she wants independence for Scotland as they did not vote to leave the European Union. However, she was slammed by both Morgan and viewers at home for ignoring the democratic will of the people.

Sturgeon had argued: “Scotland didn’t vote for independence in 2014 and Scotland isn’t independent right now but things have changed.”

“People always have the right to change their minds,” she added.

“Scotland voted to remain in the EU, all I’m trying to do in terms of Brexit is see Scotland’s view honoured.”

Following the interview, Reid remarked: “Nicola Sturgeon said, part of the argument was that they needed to stay as part of the UK because the UK was staying as part of the EU.

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When asked if he would vote again, Piers replied: “Well, it’s an interesting thing because Brexit has not been determined yet. I think if Brexit had simply been ignored and we’d moved on, I wouldn’t vote again.

“I guess you could say as part of this election, Brexit is caught up and it’s effectively another vote on Brexit.

“Having voted Remain, I don’t understand why we haven’t Brexited yet. The country voted clearly to leave.

“That’s it. The end. Take your toys back in the pram squealing Remoaners.”

His opinion resonated with many of those watching at home who took to Twitter to slam Sturgeon’s interview.

One viewer wrote: “‘In a democracy people have the right to change their minds,’ says Nicola Sturgeon on #gmb.

“Right – so that’s why you’ve told them every referendum is a “once in a lifetime vote”? I guess you must be talking about cat lifetimes.”

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