Mrs Wilson on BBC spoilers: Dorothy Wick bombshell leaves Alison shaken – Who is Dorothy?

The One show saw award-winning actress Ruth Wilson playing the lead role in the new original three-part drama, based on the life of her own grandmother, Alison Wilson.

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Mrs Wilson’s story began in 1963 as Alison returned home to find her husband Alexander (played by Iain Glen) dead on the floor of their bedroom.

Alison was utterly shocked when a woman unexpectedly arrived at her family home claiming to be Alec’s “real wife” Gladys (Elizabeth Rider).

However, while some of the background of second wife Gladys was explored, it was third wife Dorothy Wick (Keeley Hawes) that really left Alison and viewers at home shaken.

Keeley plays mysterious Dorothy, turned up unannounced at Alec’s funeral before disappearing.

While Alison didn’t meet Dorothy, she did spot her leave the church.

Later at the graveyard, a mysterious man asked Alison if she was Alec’s wife.

Confirming she was Alec’s wife, the man then referred to her as Dorothy.

Instantly calling him out on the slip, Alison has now come to realise there are even more secrets to discover about her late husband.

Was his previous divorce papers forged? How did he manage to lead his “double life”? How many more children is Alec a father to?

It has become clear to Alison that Alec died holding further secrets close to his chest.

Alison has now been left craving the truth after making the discoveries that threaten to tear her carefully crafted world apart.

By dissecting their wartime romance while working for the secret service, Alison learned about his mysterious past in India.

Actress Keeley, 42 explained to TV Times: “It’s one revelation after another and it’s one of the most incredible stories I’ve ever heard.

“If it wasn’t real, you’d think it was too much, but truth is stranger than fiction. I can’t help having sympathy for him, though.

“I try to think, ‘How could you?’ but it was such a mess and he got himself in so tight that he couldn’t unravel it.”

Will Alison keep the truth from her two sons, or will it all become too much to hide?

The synopsis for next week’s second episode reads: “Visiting Coleman again, Alison demands to know who Dorothy is.

“Coleman tells Alison to stop digging and darkly suggests that, if she persists, she may jeopardise her sons’ futures.”

Mrs Wilson continues next Tuesday on One at 9pm.

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