Killing Eve season 3: ‘It gets tedious’ Jodie Comer speaks out on major Villanelle change

Episode 5, Are You From Pinner?, featured some surprising moments from Killing Eve’s ruthless hired killer Villanelle. As the black comedy continues its acclaimed third season on BBC and AMC, Jodie Comer revealed some insight on the latest revelations.

The rest of the cast sat out in the latest episode of Killing Eve as Villanelle (played by Jodie Comer) returned to her home town to visit her mother Tatiana (Evgenia Dodina) and the rest of the family.

Audiences were treated to some surprisingly sensitive moments between the serial killer and her family, with Villanelle and her mother’s longstanding grudge was also explored.

Her pleasant visit was finally put to an end when Tatiana ordered Villanelle to leave, who then remained true to her violent dispositions by torching the house to the ground.

However, several fans were surprised when Villanelle spared her younger brother by warning him before the house went up in flames.

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Villanelle also left him enough cash for him to attend an Elton John concert after bonding over the iconic English singer earlier in the episode.

While her gesture was one of a small number of touching moments from the otherwise ruthless killer, Killing Eve star Jodie Comer recently commented on the effective instant of character growth.

During an interview with entertainment news outlet TVLine, Jodie discussed whether or not this moment was ‘out of character’ for the psychopathic assassin.

Jodie explained: “People are like: ‘That’s so out of character,’ but what I keep finding as I play her is that she’s ever growing.”

Although the Emmy-winning screenwriter of Fleabag helped the series reach its initial heights, each new season enlists a brand new show runner to keep things fresh.

Emerald Fennell took over head writing duties for season two, while Suzanne Heathcote is the current script boss for season three.

Season four is confirmed to be in the works, which will also feature a new female head writer.

Finally, Jodie concluded: “It’s hard to keep that up and it not get tedious. We have to grow with her.”

“We have to listen to what it is she’s saying and what she’s experiencing. And I think that felt true to where she’s at right now.”

Killing Eve has not only been praised for its complex cat-and-mouse relationship between the two leads, but also for Jodie Comer’s realistic portrayal of an assassin with psychopathic tendencies.

Audiences are hoping the comedic thriller sensation can keep shaking things up as the ongoing plot thickens across multiple seasons.

Killing Eve airs Sundays on AMC and BBC One and Monday mornings at 6am on the BBC iPlayer.

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