ITV This Morning: ‘Didn’t ask me’ Anne Reid stuns Eamon Holmes with nude admission

Sanditon is the new period drama to hit ITV this weekend and Lady Denham star Anne Reid joined Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford on This Morning to chat about the role.

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The series, which is based on Jane Austen’s last novel before her death, is rumoured to include quite a bit of nudity, something Ruth was keen to find out more about.

However she and Eamonn were not expecting Anne to be so frank as she chatted about the cast stripping off to go swimming.

Ruth commented: “I keep hearing about how raunchy it is.”

“Well yes the press have gone mad for that. But I don’t think it’s that raunchy,” Anne replied.

“Andrew Davis said people did go, he is the go to guy to write these sorts of things and obviously he’s researched it and at that time, people did go nude bathing.”

She then cheekily added: “They didn’t ask me. That would put the nation off their tea.”

Eamonn could be seen chuckling as he looked off to the side lightly red-faced while Ruth continued to probe Anne about the scenes.

Ruth laughed: “I’m assuming they had to frolic around and pretend it wasn’t that cold.”

“Yes, I think it was a bit cold but the report came back it was a bit cold, yes.”

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Anne also revealed she was left disappointed by one element of the series – she didn’t get to ride in a carriage.

“Oh yes, I want to go in a carriage,” she told the hosts.

“I will not sign a contract until it’s confirmed… I was really disappointed.”

The actress also touched upon how much she loves acting and being part of dramas like Sanditon.

“Why would any of us retire in this business?” she asked.

“I have lots of friends and are desperate to work and can’t get it.

“Andrew Davis said recently working with lots of young people is great but we work with people of different ages, we meet in a rehearsal room and set off and make something.”

Anne’s comments on Sanditon come after showrunner Andrew spoke about sexing up the ITV drama including a sex scene in the opening moments.

He told the i News: “It just came about. I’m not quite sure why. Of course, these things did go on in Regency times.

“We all know that. It’s just that people didn’t speak of them, and Austen chose not to write them into the foreground.”

Sanditon starts Sunday on ITV at 9pm while This Morning airs weekdays on ITV at 10.30am.

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