Good Girls Season 4 Premiere Recap: Trouble’s a Foot — Grade the Episode!

A roaming pup out for a stroll digs up yet another huge problem for Beth Boland. The canine fetches a dead foot — Lucy’s foot, to be exact — and his owner’s blood-curdling scream is what kicks off Season 4 of Good Girls. If these first few minutes are any indication, it’s going to be a bumpy go for Beth and the ladies this season.

At the end of Season 3 (go here for a refresher), Beth and Dean (Christina Hendricks and Matthew Lillard) were preparing to open Boland Bubbles, a hot tub store that the women are planning to use to wash cash. But Agent Phoebe Donnegan (Lauren Lapkus) was hot on their trail, and her hunches haven’t steered her wrong yet. It’s been a looong 10 months since we last saw the women, so let’s dive headfirst into Sunday’s premiere. (And if you want to hear what else is in store, read our Season 4 Q&A with co-showrunners Jenna Bans and Bill Krebs.)

Rio visits Beth while she’s working on a fresh batch of “cash,” putting his antsy paws all over some product that’s not quite dry from the printer yet. He’s ready for his next cut, but she reminds him that it takes time to get a new business going, let alone one that’ll be hawking hot tubs. He not-so-subtly mentions their “incentive program” (he forced Beth to put her fingerprints on the gun that killed Lucy), so as usual, the pressure is on.

During a brainstorm about a school fundraiser, a neighborhood mom pulls up a news story on her phone: Lucy’s body has been found! Beth’s face goes white, and she immediately hits the floor. We cut to the gals at the hospital, where a doctor tells Beth her body is telling her to slow down. She should avoid whatever is causing her excess stress and anxiety. (Ha! Fat chance.) When the doctor exits, Beth tells Ruby and Annie that she’s got to get her hands on the gun. She knows she has to give Rio something he needs, but according to Dean, the store isn’t anywhere near ready. As it turns out, all you need is a montage, and Boland Bubbles is ready for action! Or not. An inspector comes through and slaps them with loads of violations. It’s always two steps forward and three steps back for this crew.

Meanwhile, Beth starts taking an aerobics class in the park, and the instructor is (of course!) Phoebe. Beth tries her best to sneakily sell hot tubs in class, while Phoebe feigns interest.

Later, Beth and Dean get creative, offering the inspector heaps of cash in exchange for a passing grade on their inspection. Beth hits the bar to tell Rio the good news, but when she asks him for the gun, he says he’s not going to hold it over her anymore. The cops might, though, he says. (Classic Rio, that rascal.) The crime boss informs her that he’s been called in on suspicion of having something to do with Lucy’s death, and he’s not quite ready to give up the leverage he holds over her.

Beth, Annie and Ruby kick around some ideas as to what Beth should do. She writes Dean a letter telling him how to hide the money and conduct business without her, just in case something happens to her. She hides the message on the back of a framed picture of their family.

Beth delivers Rio his cut, and along with it, a wet copy of a cash printout. She waxes poetic about how interesting it is that snowflakes, fingerprints and tiger stripes are all unique in their own ways, and as she walks away, Rio touches the sheet, leaving his smudgy prints all over it. That wet page he touched at the top of the episode? Looks like Beth has her own leverage now.

When Mr. Fitzpatrick finally shows up at Beth’s, she asks him what the holdup is. He claims he’s been busy with other clients, and then gifts her a pair of earrings. He admits the reason he’s been dragging his feet is because she’s distracting and he can’t stop thinking about her. He surprisingly asks her to have dinner with him.

In the last few minutes, Phoebe’s partner tells her the bosses have landed, and seeing as she charged a hot tub to the U.S. government, she fears she may be removed from the case. But the higher-ups have no plans of doing that. Rather, they want the whole team working the case… the case against Dean Boland.

Is Dean about to go down for his wife’s dirty deeds? Grade the premiere below, then drop your thoughts in the Comments!

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