Gabrielle: ‘Dreams’ singer reveals truth behind iconic eyepatch

Gabrielle was seen on Loose Women today when she joined the panel to discuss her upcoming tour. 

During her interview which she spoke about returning to music, Glora Hunniford was keen to change the subject and ask the singer about her iconic hairstyle and eyepatch. 

It comes as the 90’s pop star who’s claim to fame was ‘Dreams’ was pictured wearing an eyepatch during one point of her career.

And Gabrielle addressed the reason why she wore it and why she chose to have the hairstyle she has. 

“Gabrielle, may I ask you something, because it has intrigued me for years,” Gloria began. 

“And I mean this in the nicest possible way, because your trademark for a year was an eyepatch and I know you had a problem when you were younger with your eye and you had an operation, but honestly, if I had hair over my eye like that I don’t know how I’d cope,” she added. 

“I choose to cover my lazy eye because I don’t want it to be seen,” the singer explained. “It’s my comfort blanket and it makes me happy.” 

“And obviously, as Gloria mentioned and we saw in the video the eyepatch became so iconic, is it something you would bring back just to go on stage?” Andrea McLean asked. 

“The eyepatch, which I only ever used for a year, a lot of people find that hard to believe,” Gabrielle replied. 

In response to whether or not it will make an appearance on her tour she said: “It is something I will consider, but I won’t say when. 

“Just because, for all theses years, nearly quarter of a century, people have associated me with the eyepatch, I think it would be quite a fun thing to do!” 

It comes after last week’s Loose Women when former panellist Katie Price joined the show to address the headlines. 

During the interview, the former glamour model spoke about the difficult times she has experienced within the last 12 months. 

She decided she needed help and admitted herself to The Priory, where “They taught [her] about assertiveness [and] the people around you, if they’ve served their purpose, if there is negativity around you and they get to the roots of where the problems have started.”

Today Katie was seen on This Morning where she dropped an exclusive regarding her future plans. 

Joining Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby in The Television Centre, the mother-of-five revealed her wish to adopt a baby. 

“You tell us, and this is an exclusive, that you’re going to adopt a Nigerian orphan,” Phillip began.

“Well basically, I’ve said before and I’ve come on this show and said that I’ve always wanted to adopt a child,” she explained. 

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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