Five-0 Recap: Did Steve Settle a Score? Plus, a Revealing McRollins Flashback

This week on Hawaii Five-0, McGarrett aimed to exact vengeance for the death of Joe White. When all was said and done, did the person responsible get what was coming to them?

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Bearded and looking bedraggled some time after Joe’s death during the shootout with Omar Hassan’s men, Steve was visited at the Montana ranch by Danny — who soon realized that he was late to the “party,” that Catherine Rollins was already there. Danny wasn’t interrupting any (ahem) “playing house” but instead a brutal and bloody interrogation of Hassan’s lawyer.

After going another round with McGarrett, said lawyer coughed up a lead on Hassan’s whereabouts. Picking up Junior, Wade Gutches (and Frank Bama’s plucky, barely glimpsed daughter?) along the way, the group flew 10,000 miles to Laos, where they met up with advance man Harry Langford. Langford had culled a lead on Hassan in the form of a runner who frequents the high-roller baccarat table at an exclusive club, as a means of “paying” the casino to launder Hassan’s money. Steve and Catherine cleaned up and glammed up to pose as marrieds (!), sitting next to the runner with the hope of dosing his cocktail with a radioactive solution that will allow them to track him to Hassan. Though the runner cashed out earlier than anyone expected, Catherine was able to coax him into sipping his drink before going.

Tracking the runner to Hassan’s well-secured penthouse, the team used ye old trusty video loop to sneak upstairs, where they took out (or at least shot the legs of!) Hassan’s bodyguards. Steve soon cornered and pinned down Hassan himself, only to be briefly distracted by the streetside team (Danny and Catherine) getting surrounded by other guards. But after Harry phoned the local law woman he had “befriended,” she and her patrol cars pulled up and hauled away the goons. (Let’s all agree that the legalities of all this fall into a biiiiiig grey area.) Upstairs, Hassan taunted Steve to kill him, but McGarrett refused to continue the cycle, by having Hassan’s young son witness his own dad’s death. Besides, Steve wanted something more from Hassan than his blood — and he got it. Greer’s location.

Steve went knocking on Greer’s door, with Catherine providing backup. (It was a “reunion” of sorts for the trio, as an earlier flashback told us how Catherine always knew about Steve’s previous fling with Greer. OK.) Steve asked Greer why she would sell out her country and his SEAL team for any amount of money. “Maybe it wasn’t just about the money…. Maybe there were… other factors,” she teased, before reaching for her gun — at which point Catherine shot her, dead.

Having achieved some sense of closure/payback, the Hawaii team bid adieu to Gutches and then Rollins — but not before Steve shared a long-held secret with his ex. Having said that Joe White was more than just a mentor and father figure, Steve revealed via flashback how during a mission, Joe ordered a gravely wounded Steve to ask out Catherine if he survived. We then saw Steve ring her from his hospital bed and invite her to be his plus-one for an Army/Navy mixer. Rollins’ initial response, after Steve made clear it’d be a date? “What took you so long?”

“Let’s just say I took some good advice from an old friend.”

Back in the present, an emotionally moved Catherine told Steve, “I’m really glad you took his advice,” before hugging him good-bye. Yet again.

What did you think of Five-0‘s midseason premiere, the swiftly solved B-story mystery of discovered storage locker bones included? And what do you make of the “other factors” Greer alluded to? Could it be Steve’s child that she secretly had months after they first parted ways, that a ruthless Mexican cartel had been holding captive?

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