Fifty Shades of Grey Film Whips up Demand for Adult Toys

Whether we watch movies alone or with partners or friends, it’s we all agree it’s a way to have a fun evening. However, the art of filmmaking is, in fact, more than mere entertainment. Regardless of the genre, films, as well as web/TV series, influence us in more aspects that we think. One of the movies that made an impact on a lot of people is 50 shades of gray.

It rarely happens that you finish watching a movie and stay completely indifferent. You will think it is perfect, mediocre, or absolutely the worst piece of garbage that you have seen in a while, but you won’t be apathetic about it. 

Since they are something between fantasy and reality, people can often relate to the story or the characters, especially if they like the movie. You see some similarities with your behavior, or something you want to try or do, etc. In simple words, you get inspired. 

This movie inspired people towards trying to do something different in their sex lives in shades of gray trilogy. As you know, we all live under a lot of pressure to finish all the daily tasks. This leaves us with very little time for ourselves, let alone our partners. It is not uncommon in situations like these that relationships, and even more so sex, suffer. You are drained after a long day, stressed because of an important meeting or something going wrong at work. The result is that regardless of how much you love, your girlfriend/boyfriend sex is the last thing on your mind. While this is perfectly understandable, on the one hand, it might make your partner wonder about a lot of things and be a reason for an argument.

After watching it, a lot of people thought that things could get better if they try to spice up their relationships, which, as a result, instigated the sale of adult toys

Whether you want to use sex toys as a means to make your sex life potentially more interesting is up to you. We feel the need to tell you to be careful and respect the boundaries of your partner if you do. In the United States alone, there are thousands of people each year who end up in the ER because they hurt themselves or their lovers using sex toys. If you are thinking of using 50 shades of gray toys or any other toys for that matter, we believe it is necessary to be sure about what you are doing and how far you can go. 

Sex toy


If you were living under a rock and you have no clue what is 50 shades of gray we are going to show some reviews. The shades of gray trilogy are film series based on the romantic/erotic drama novel with the same name written by E.L James. The movie follows the story of a young college graduate who gets involved in a BDSM -bondage and discipline, sadomasochist relationship with a man.

If you didn’t watch it yet but are curious to know more what is 50 shades of gray about, you can check out here.

The shades of gray cause a lot of controversies because some characterize it as pornography or borderline pornography — also, the situation regarding 50 shades of gray rating varies in different countries. In the USA, the film received an R rating even if it was initially thought that it would get NC – 17. In Canada and UK, it was rated as 18A or 18 certificates because of all graphic and violent 50 shades of gray sex scenes. In other countries like France and Argentina, it wasn’t received as an entirely adult movie – it was rated as 12 + in France and 16+ in Argentina. 


Despite the criticism and adult movie rating that it received, shades of gray certainly popularized some sex toys. Let’s take a look at what is there in 50 shades of gray kit.

Wrist Cuffs 

People usually think of ordinary handcuffs, but there are plenty of gentler and softer options you can play with if this is your desire. If you are planning to try, this makes sure that you don’t get you to get good quality, cushioned wrist restraints that won’t cause you or your lover to get hurt. You can use them for ankles as well. 


You can, of course, close your eyes and jump into fantasy. But sometimes it’s not enough, or you need something to keep your eyes closed. It is a fun way to enhance other senses. It does also raise the sexual tension as you anticipate your partner’s touch, not knowing where or when it will come.

Wand Vibrator

It is essential to be careful with them because they are enormous. However, they are made for external stimulation. Therefore you shouldn’t insert them completely. This is one of the most popular shades of gray toy that comes with various speed settings that you can adjust according to your preferences. If you haven’t used a vibrator earlier, it is best to read how to do it before trying a wand vibrator.

Ben Wa Balls

These are the small balls in fifty shades of gray. These hollow and lightweight balls are also called orgasm balls. They are designed to stir up sexual stimulation when inserted in the vagina.


Conclusion: As you can see, shades of gray gave ideas to a lot of people out there that they can bring more excitement in their sexual lives if they start using sex toys. If this is our case as well, we would like just to remind you once again to be careful and respect your partners. Have you watched the movie already? What are your impressions? 

Author’s bio: Luke Capp is a film critic living in Plymouth, Massachusetts. Besides reviewing movies, he is also researching how they shape public opinions. He works as a columnist for two weekly magazines. In his free time, Luke likes to go for a walk in a nearby forest and drink wine with friends on his patio.


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